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Small kitchen makeover

A small kitchen makeover on a budget… no need to replace appliances. Just see what Iv done to this space…

Since moving into my new home a year ago I couldn’t find inspiration to makeover my kitchen. It was the last space I wanted to tackle because of its size and layout. I was afraid of making the space look smaller then it already is. So on Monday I went straight into it. By clearing and wiping down all the walls it gave me a blank canvas to play with. This is how it looked…

20130729_075452 20130729_150136 20130729_075410 20130729_150144 20130729_150154

The brown stove, what to do? I dont have the funds to replace it so I had to think creatively. The rusted dishwasher which works well was very unsightly. Boring pantry doors and a brown cupboard. And bare workbenches…Firs,t like I mentioned above and the rule I always follow is to clear the space and wipe down everything with sugar soap. Lightly sand any surfaces with sandpaper if you decide to paint and wipe down thoroughly with sugar soap. My choice of color was a pastel blue and keep with the base color white.

20130729_174309 20130729_200107

I used a waterbourne acrylic gloss finish.This gives a easy surface to wipe and very durable. Now the magic begins. This is what I did,,, A cottage, shabby chic theme. I totally love this space now

20130730_185935 20130730_185907 2013 - 1mm 2013 - 1,,, 20130730_19003920130730_190133

I measured the bare wall and cut a shelf to fit and used these pretty braces. Its now my little cafe area. In the bare corner I used decorative boxes for my t-towels. On the wall I glued coasters as wall art and it goes with the theme. The brown stove now has a pretty curtain I can easily remove when I need to use the oven. A pretty bin. And the rusty dishwasher now has a curtain. The curtains is a table cloth I cut to size. And a stand for the washing up. I made this from a wooden wine glass and plastic plate, glued, painted and varnished.

2013 - 1 2013 - 1hu2013 - 1iii 2013 - 1hu 20130730_170834 20130730_171001 llkolkokmjikm

There is no need to spend thousands on a total makeover. Use what you have and trust in your ideas and research through pinesterest or google images to get ideas. I hope I have inspired you in some way. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions…

2013 - 1mmhjklhj 2013 - 1hkjhj 2013 - 1hjh

P.s… By redecorating the kitchen everyone will want to keep it clean and crisp because it looks so good. And it can be a space you actually want to be in…


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