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Kids Bedroom makeover

My 12 year old daughters bedroom was in desperate need of a makeover. Off course on a tight budget. I sat with her and discussed all her favorite colors and looked through bedroom makeovers for ideas.


Ok this is a tiny bedroom. It only fits a single bed, desk and a tall boy. We wanted to paint a feature wall but unfortunetly couldnt afford the extra cost. So instead this is what I came up with…


Painted frame with fabric glued to the frame backing. Use PVA glue for this, it will also dry clear


Painted canvas with decoupage leaves and flowers and birds. Use any pretty paper you have around.


Cork boards bought from the Dollar shop and painted above Irene’s desk. Fills the bare wall on a budget. We had no limit on colors.


I sanded and painted Irene’s dresser and just for fun painted blue zebra print on the drawers and spray painted the drawer knobs gold.

A pink bean bag and a stool with a lamp beside it.


I painted this chalk board baby blue. Chalk board paint can be painted on a wide variety of surfaces.

Chinese lamps hanging in the corner at different eye levels and crafted 3D hearts.

And I painted this large canvas which was previously a dull painting, purple and decoupage leaf patterns. And used it as a headboard.

A bedroom makeover can be done on a budget. Making over my daughters room brought us so much satisfaction. Now she has a space she loves to be in.

Peace and harmony


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