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Small Laundry room makeover

Do you have a laundry room you neglect to give any designer thought into… Well I did, up until now I just love the space

This is my embarrassing neglected laundry room

20130724_012848 20130724_021819 20130724_021752

Oh goodness me where to begin. First thing is to totally clear it. Wipe down all the walls with sugar soap and a good vaccuam and mop. I then taped up the areas under the bare shelves. Already I had thought of using ‘Blue Lagoon’ paint. I planned a coastal theme. I had alot of shells laying around and also wicker baskets.


Now the room is clear my vision became clearer. This is what I did…


A framed light switch for glamor… an island broom


Mirror, hand towels, wicker baskets to hide detergent bottles, glass jar to hold laundry powder ( very glamorous)


And a centre peace… with the letter L for laundry and scented candles and shells

20130725_043531 20130725_040311-PANO 20130725_043531

I love this space now. I hope you will be inspired. Please message me any questions and id be honored to answer them…

new one 2013 - 1hhhh


3 thoughts on “Small Laundry room makeover

  1. Love love love it!! I have some ideas now about what to do with our new laundry….just need to figure out where to get baskets from here:)

    • Exciting….okay other fun alternative storage ideas are tin buckets in silver… Or plastic buckets and hot glue or super glue, twine around it and spray paint to your color choice. What theme are you thinking off?

  2. My biggest thought on small spaces would definitely be WALLS… use your walls… use hooks and shelves and storage and let go… as your letting go though hehe always remember to blend colors, use different heights and angles… and always step back and look at your work. But most of all trust your design skills and enjoy it xoxo

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