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Living Room Space

How do you use color?

Playing it safe, afraid off change, to comfortable around neutrals, afraid to make a mistake… yes those are the thoughts that hold me back.

But I love color, when Im surfing the net for ideas and inspiration I find myself drawn to colors.


Ok out of my comfort zone and self doubt and embrace  my style and quirkiness in color. I have painted many unique antique pieces the past few months. In colors I love and adding decoupage and different painting styles. And after completing my tv cabinet I brought all my collection into the lounge and starting placing and trusting in myself that I could do it,

I bought colorful cushions, grabbed great bargains and a rug. I chose green as my hue but discovered blue over powers it.


My blue lagoon coffee table brightens the room. A vintage with leopard print tray and Noritake tea set sits beautifully. And the rug tights in with the table.


Blue lagoon nesting tables with decoupage. And a green painted stool with gold rims and decoupage as a plant stand to add texture.


Lots of green, gold, black and white. Love that combo. Looks so classy.


The newly painted Tv cabinet seems to suit the arrangement


I will continue to learn more about styling on a budget and post new layouts I attempt. 20130824_120619

I have learn t about using odd numbers when placing arrangements, it really works, my cushions, accessories, wall art are all in odd numbers and this really works well. Brilliant. 20130824_120719

Love the Asian/french cushion I found in the charity shop. And the wall hanging with a candle. My Asian piece framed from my lovely aunty who has sadly pasted reminds me of an elegant, strong, intelligent women she was.20130824_120830I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of my living room space. I still have so much to learn and would love to hear any input.

This is my most exciting hobby I have ever undertaken. It brings me so much confidence and happiness being surrounded by my personality on beautiful pieces.

After years of self doubt, low self esteem, feeling I had no skills and talents I have finally discovered myself. My biggest joy of it all is being able to share this  with you


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