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Stripped Coffee Table

Why should furniture be boring and unloved.

I mean it is in a home, a safe and unique space put together just for you and the family to be cosy and safe.

Well this table is what Im talking about.

He is dressed in blue. And lightly distressed. The table top is the fun part. So easy to create. All you need is painters tape, a very long ruler, paint of your choice and wood stain.


Step 1: Measure out equal strips and mark with a pencil. I just used a long leveler to do this.

Step 2: Tape the outside of the area you want to paint. So the tape sits in the staining area.

Step 3: Paint with the color of your choice. I used wheatfield white. Two coats is more then enough.

Step 4: Remove tape and stain the remaining strips. Dont worry about getting stain on the painted strips as this gives a shabby chic look.

Step 5: Varnish


So unique and chic. I love funky fun furniture.


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Pine TV Cabinet Makeover

A French cottage themed cabinet

I love painting wooden furniture’s and given it a fresh new look. Here is the before shot.

2013-09-25 14.18.06

And here is the after.


And what a difference a light color makes. A shabby chic, french cottage feel.


After sanding it down, wiping down with sugar soap I applied the first coat of primer.

Two hours later a coat of wheatfield white. I had to add three coats of wheatfield because I didnt like how two coats looked. It didnt have a smooth finish and I had to get a fine finish.

I sanded lightly on all the corners to give it a distressed look.

I made up my staining medium. Half brown and half water and using small sponges and rags I rubbed in the stain. Applying lightly and gradually adding where dirt would naturally settle.

When satisfied with it I used waterbourne varnish to protect and seal the surface. All done and up for sale.


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Stained and Painted Coffee Table

Coffee table makeover with a stained top and painted legs

2013-09-06 17.17.01

This is a very special piece to me. I have set up a Facebook account and this will be my first makeover I post.

Ok how to achieve this look. Simple. Sand her right down. The table top needs to be free of any stain and varnish for the next choice of stain. I chose a ‘Dark Teal’. If you dont plan on changing the existing stain then there is no need to sand the top at all. I wanted a dark stain to match the light legs.

After sanding the legs, I like to use sugar soap to remove all dust. Paint one coat waterbourne primer undercoat. I love waterbourne paints. Especially when it comes to clean your brushs and trays. Washs right off.

Leave for at least two hours for the paint to penetrate.

Apply your first coat of the paint of your choice. I am going with wheatfield white. As directed by my favorite customer. After two hours apply the final coat.

You could leave it as is or make up a stain of half coffee brown paint and half water. Apply lightly using a sponge and remove excess as you go along. Paying attention to any details or cracks where dirt would naturally settle.

Leave over night or wait until paint is dry and apply your varnish. Varnish is best applied during the day when the temperature is constant…

Yayyyy and your down. A beautiful coffee table.

2013-09-09 19.50.25 2013-09-09 19.50.54 2013-09-09 19.52.48-1

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Outdoor Furniture Makeover

Haha a very strange looking piece, I wonder how it would look in pink…

2013-09-08 22.43.55

Nothing like trying. I have so many house plants i tend to neglect 😦 because it seems to far to water… terrible excuse. So my magnificent idea (i hope) is to make a mini green house outside next to my side door entrance. Brightly colored stools and brightly colored ornaments to welcome my guest.

An exciting project. I will update this post daily to show you my progress.

2013-09-09 19.51.58

She stands in pink

OMG inorganic in Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand where people put out all there unwanted inorganic material for the dump.  This happens once a year and the things people throw out are such a waste. It is a perfect time for me to salvage and find materials for my little greenhouse. Yayyyy…

2013-09-09 23.25.36

Okay so now I have painted the above inorganic materials. I love giving new life to such neglected pieces of furniture. Pieces that owners loose interest in and neglect to care for.

All of these pieces would of ended up in the dump. I hope you will enjoy the colorful display.


The chair without the spindle back I left as is and only painted the legs. This gives it so much character.

I will put them all together and create a mini green house for my neglected house plants.

IMG_3064 IMG_3073

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Lantern made from frames

What do I do with all these frames?

Use them as practice pieces for future painted furniture makeovers and then be creative with it and turn it into a lantern center piece for a focal point in a dark corner or outdoors with lots of different candles.

Iv been playing around with colors. Trying to achieve a rustic antique effect with different colors. How paint would naturally weather and wear for my next furniture make over.

Detailed frames are the perfect practice piece. I started with a purple base, brushed on a thin layer of brown and gold effects. Then a light green brushed on lightly. And gold wax on raised its details.

I dont know at all how popular this piece will be but it sure was a fun Friday night project.

2013-09-07 21.38.21

2013-09-07 20.50.522013-09-008

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TV Cabinet Makeover

A tired TV Cabinet given a distressed antique look

Iv had this piece for 6 years now. Since getting into my new hobby I wanted to give it a splash of paint. It is so large and I gave myself so many excuses not to do it. Then one evening I took my drill out and removed the doors, and all its fittings. Took the tv out and decoder and that gave me the push I needed to get it outside and sand it done.


Using my favorite antiquing technique I finish this piece in 5 days. And what a massive difference it has made.


The best bits of detailing has been emphasized and now more visible. Its light and airy. I removed the top doors so I could use the top shelf as a display unit. So pretty when I light candles in the space. The knobs have an aqua in-print. Greens and blues are my choosen hues for my living room space.


Well their we go. This project cost me around $20nz to complete. I love how color can influence us. My living room is coming together now. I will add a page to my blog on my experience decorating my living room space. I hope this inspires just one person to add color to your surrounds and see what a massive difference it makes. I feel so motivated and happy in my lounge and a positive attitude in your home environment is a fabulous way to enjoying life.

2013 - 1jhgkj


Gorgeous blue stained occasional table

A charity shop find for $15nz

As I walked into the salvation army my eyes lite up as I turned the corner and saw this gorgeous detailed occasional table. It was like she was waiting for me. All drab and faded, with dust and coffee stains on her surface. I could instantly see her with a blue coat and a brownish gold stain to emphasize her pretty details. So off she rode in my car heading for a good scrub. I used ‘Blue lagoon’ for this piece and a stain made up of half black and half gold effects. Their is no comparison when it comes to an old piece of furniture to a new. Old furniture has so much character and was made with so much care. I hope to inspire you this week to pop into a charity shop in your neighborhood and find that special piece and make it your own.


Before and after