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Stripped Coffee Table

Why should furniture be boring and unloved.

I mean it is in a home, a safe and unique space put together just for you and the family to be cosy and safe.

Well this table is what Im talking about.

He is dressed in blue. And lightly distressed. The table top is the fun part. So easy to create. All you need is painters tape, a very long ruler, paint of your choice and wood stain.


Step 1: Measure out equal strips and mark with a pencil. I just used a long leveler to do this.

Step 2: Tape the outside of the area you want to paint. So the tape sits in the staining area.

Step 3: Paint with the color of your choice. I used wheatfield white. Two coats is more then enough.

Step 4: Remove tape and stain the remaining strips. Dont worry about getting stain on the painted strips as this gives a shabby chic look.

Step 5: Varnish


So unique and chic. I love funky fun furniture.


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Pine TV Cabinet Makeover

A French cottage themed cabinet

I love painting wooden furniture’s and given it a fresh new look. Here is the before shot.

2013-09-25 14.18.06

And here is the after.


And what a difference a light color makes. A shabby chic, french cottage feel.


After sanding it down, wiping down with sugar soap I applied the first coat of primer.

Two hours later a coat of wheatfield white. I had to add three coats of wheatfield because I didnt like how two coats looked. It didnt have a smooth finish and I had to get a fine finish.

I sanded lightly on all the corners to give it a distressed look.

I made up my staining medium. Half brown and half water and using small sponges and rags I rubbed in the stain. Applying lightly and gradually adding where dirt would naturally settle.

When satisfied with it I used waterbourne varnish to protect and seal the surface. All done and up for sale.