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Lantern made from frames

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What do I do with all these frames?

Use them as practice pieces for future painted furniture makeovers and then be creative with it and turn it into a lantern center piece for a focal point in a dark corner or outdoors with lots of different candles.

Iv been playing around with colors. Trying to achieve a rustic antique effect with different colors. How paint would naturally weather and wear for my next furniture make over.

Detailed frames are the perfect practice piece. I started with a purple base, brushed on a thin layer of brown and gold effects. Then a light green brushed on lightly. And gold wax on raised its details.

I dont know at all how popular this piece will be but it sure was a fun Friday night project.

2013-09-07 21.38.21

2013-09-07 20.50.522013-09-008


Author: davina1on1

Thank you for viewing my blog. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and passionate about creating a fabulous space to be inspired by everyday. Strong believer in anything is possible if you keep tremendously interested in it and love and believe in yourself.... I made my blog as a way of helping others get inspired and also be inspired by others creations. I love finding old, boring pieces of furniture and giving it back its former glory.... to tell its story once again. My style is more of boho chic and also love French country. I love crafting. Finding old picture frames and giving it a new purpose and painting anything with detailing and character. Please feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to this world of blogging If you would like to connect me via email connect davina_foon@yahoo.co.nz

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