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TV Cabinet Makeover

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A tired TV Cabinet given a distressed antique look

Iv had this piece for 6 years now. Since getting into my new hobby I wanted to give it a splash of paint. It is so large and I gave myself so many excuses not to do it. Then one evening I took my drill out and removed the doors, and all its fittings. Took the tv out and decoder and that gave me the push I needed to get it outside and sand it done.


Using my favorite antiquing technique I finish this piece in 5 days. And what a massive difference it has made.


The best bits of detailing has been emphasized and now more visible. Its light and airy. I removed the top doors so I could use the top shelf as a display unit. So pretty when I light candles in the space. The knobs have an aqua in-print. Greens and blues are my choosen hues for my living room space.


Well their we go. This project cost me around $20nz to complete. I love how color can influence us. My living room is coming together now. I will add a page to my blog on my experience decorating my living room space. I hope this inspires just one person to add color to your surrounds and see what a massive difference it makes. I feel so motivated and happy in my lounge and a positive attitude in your home environment is a fabulous way to enjoying life.

2013 - 1jhgkj


Author: davina1on1

Thank you for viewing my blog. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and passionate about creating a fabulous space to be inspired by everyday. Strong believer in anything is possible if you keep tremendously interested in it and love and believe in yourself.... I made my blog as a way of helping others get inspired and also be inspired by others creations. I love finding old, boring pieces of furniture and giving it back its former glory.... to tell its story once again. My style is more of boho chic and also love French country. I love crafting. Finding old picture frames and giving it a new purpose and painting anything with detailing and character. Please feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to this world of blogging If you would like to connect me via email connect davina_foon@yahoo.co.nz

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