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TV Cabinet Makeover

A tired TV Cabinet given a distressed antique look

Iv had this piece for 6 years now. Since getting into my new hobby I wanted to give it a splash of paint. It is so large and I gave myself so many excuses not to do it. Then one evening I took my drill out and removed the doors, and all its fittings. Took the tv out and decoder and that gave me the push I needed to get it outside and sand it done.


Using my favorite antiquing technique I finish this piece in 5 days. And what a massive difference it has made.


The best bits of detailing has been emphasized and now more visible. Its light and airy. I removed the top doors so I could use the top shelf as a display unit. So pretty when I light candles in the space. The knobs have an aqua in-print. Greens and blues are my choosen hues for my living room space.


Well their we go. This project cost me around $20nz to complete. I love how color can influence us. My living room is coming together now. I will add a page to my blog on my experience decorating my living room space. I hope this inspires just one person to add color to your surrounds and see what a massive difference it makes. I feel so motivated and happy in my lounge and a positive attitude in your home environment is a fabulous way to enjoying life.

2013 - 1jhgkj



Gorgeous blue stained occasional table

A charity shop find for $15nz

As I walked into the salvation army my eyes lite up as I turned the corner and saw this gorgeous detailed occasional table. It was like she was waiting for me. All drab and faded, with dust and coffee stains on her surface. I could instantly see her with a blue coat and a brownish gold stain to emphasize her pretty details. So off she rode in my car heading for a good scrub. I used ‘Blue lagoon’ for this piece and a stain made up of half black and half gold effects. Their is no comparison when it comes to an old piece of furniture to a new. Old furniture has so much character and was made with so much care. I hope to inspire you this week to pop into a charity shop in your neighborhood and find that special piece and make it your own.


Before and after

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OTT Stools Makeover

A piano stool and a bar stool gone crazy

What are you doing you may ask. Well I have totally over done this piece not thinking of design or matching tones or textures. I just saw zebra and green and stencils. Unfortunately I have no idea why I kept going with these pieces. Fortunately it suits my lounge perfectly.







2013 - 1hijoyhk

Before and after

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Zebra Print Footstool

Simple makeover makes a dramatic change to my decor

I bought this footstool from the op shop for $5. I instantly saw him in a zebra print. I love how the black and white captures the eye. So today I have done three pieces to add to my lounge. Happy days…

2013 - 1hkk

Before and after


I used up the leftover fabric to create frames to match the footstools



Corner shelf makeover

Dry brushing an antique corner shelf

This gorgeous detailed corner shelf was a steal. I won an auction by being the only bidder for $2. Love the piece but the dark stain was so boring and didnt do anything for me. So I gave her a new outfit. Very pretty.





Ok this is how I achieved this look. Sand her lightly and undercoat with a waterbourne sealer. I then painted her “Deep Sea” green. Three coats to give an even perfect finish. Then I made a wash using water and ‘Breaker bay’ blue to soften the green by sponging and lightly covering the green.

Lastly I mixed gold effects with ‘Black magic’ and lightly brushed on raised areas to highlight the details.

2013 - 1ghjg

Before and after

2013 - 1kjkl

This piece will sit in my living room space. I have a lot of browns so I will paint more furniture to compliment each other.

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Decoupage MDF Furniture

Office space makeover on a budget

I have cleared my spare room to turn it into an office. A friend on mine gave me a drawer she used also as a tv stand and a small table. They are both small and perfect for my office desk. I have so much craft paper so since I could not paint the surface I thought Id decoupage them. I used PVA glue on the back of the print and a sponge brush to smooth it all over the paper. Then I aligned it to the desk and pressed out any air bubbles. I then used the brush again with the PVA glue and spread over the corners just to make sure it adhered well. After the surface was dry I used waterbourne gloss and brushed all over the surface. When the surface is dry I repeated again twice. This seals in the paper and makes it durable. Now any spills can easily be wiped off. I hope you will find inspiration to makeover a piece also. I am so excited about my office space. It will be full of all things that inspire me and have brought me to where I am today.


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Antique bedroom suite makeover

Mismatched bedroom suite on a budget

If you’ve been following my blog posts, Iv been painting a dresser. The dresser was a dresser that has been in my family since I was a young girl. So after priming its surface I had a lot of filling in to do. The dresser is oak a hard wood and had started to split so by filling in and sanding I was able to have a smooth finish. I also painted an old desk. And today I completed the two side tables. All done in wheatfield white and a stain I made up with 1 part water and brown paint. I love this idea of mismatching furniture but painting them the same color. Mum just loves it and i am so glad it makes her so happy when she enters her bedroom. Job complete. Here is the end product…